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Open Source Media Project

I'll be following this one. San Francisco-based new media journalist JD Lasica has teamed up with Macromedia founder Marc Canter to create the Open Source Media Project. Media being, for the most part, audio and visual media.

It sounds like a very interesting project. JD explains more in his weblog, while Marc displays a diagram of the Open Media architecture in his.

Game of the Week: Donkey John

The evil Donkey John is laying claim to Timor Leste's oil resources. Guide brave Xanana Gusmario up the oil rig using the arrow keys, jumping the stolen barrels of oil. Activate the International Crane of Justice and use it to bring greedy Donkey John down.

You need to have Flash installed on your computer, but this online parody of the classic computer games is great fun if you do!

Careful what you wear in the Land of the Free

An amazing story from the USA, of a couple in Charleston, West Virginia who wore T-shirts with anti-GW Bush slogans when they attended the President's official Fourth of July appearance at the State Capitol.

Jeff and Nicole Rank were ejected from the rally, arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted and remanded to appear in court at a later date. And Nicole then found herself sacked from her job in classical Kafkaesque fashion.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Song

(The following is a song that I sing to Adara sometimes. Please note that there is a special bonus feature at the end of this presentation.)

I am the Governor of Cauliflower,
I am the Governor of Cauliflower,
I am the Governor of Cauliflower,
Cauliflower Governor am I.

Yes your name doesn't infringe trademark after all

We know how much Ashcroft and the neo-con thugs are trying to make the American Constitution's First Amendment irrelevant, but here's a case settled by the US Court of Appeals in favour of an individual whose surname happened to be the same as that of a big multinational.

Nissan Motors sued Mr Uzi Nissan for setting up a website registered as After winning their case, the decision was overturned in Mr Nissan's favour at appeal.

Why I'm voting for Anthony Albanese in the federal election

My local Member of the House of Representatives since I moved to Sydney is Anthony Albanese, the Federal Member for Grayndler and shadow minister for employment services and training. While support for the Greens is (quite rightly) growing in the area, I'd expect Albanese to be comfortably returned to office once the election actually takes place. I consider him one of the better ALP people in Federal Parliament.

Darfur who?

John Howard has an extensive archive of transcripts of interviews, press releases and other statements on his Prime Ministerial website, Considering his keen interest in international affairs, as evidenced with Iraq, I decided I would do a search of his website to see how often he has discussed the tragic situation in the Sudanese province of Darfur.

My search for "Darfur" on the PM's website came up with no matches. Searching Hansard on the Parlinfo website also drew a blank.


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