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Is this the first charity appeal ever censored for endangering editorial balance?

Outrage, rightly, for the decision of the BBC and Sky News to not screen the following public service announcement from the Disasters Emergency Committee promoting its Gaza Crisis Appeal. Is it editorially biased to promote a charitable appeal for the victims of war?

Australia Day, and time to think where it is heading.

Australia Day on Monday: the 221st anniversary of the arrival of a British naval fleet to dump its nation's surplus prisoners in a distant misunderstood continent. There's way too much going on in Sydney on any given January 26 to take in within the scope of one day, but I make a point of spending at least some time each year joining the indigenous community's Survival Day carnival.


Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year 2009!

And to get the year rolling, the first and probably worst Youtube video that I will present in 2009, mainly because it was shot by me with a small digital camera profoundly unsuited to the task at hand.

Yep, it's the view from my window several kilometres away of Sydney's great annual ostentatious emission of lots of carbon. It does get better towards the end, and yes, it did look better from the naked eye.

Testemunha de Terra 1: Protecting precious mangroves

This is the start of a public beta test vlog that I am trialling, utilising worldwide news sources that make available embeddable video reports on environmental/business themes. With Green Day having taken place on Tuesday, this seems as good a time as any to start.

To kick it off, a report from Reuters dated April 18. I know that the hoi polloi with their harbourside mansions in Sydney hate mangroves because they spoil those investment-hungry "harbour views", and that they attract the mozzies, but mangroves serve an extremely valuable role in the ecosystem, especially as protection against erosion. And it's believed that many thousands of lives could have been spared in the 2004 tsunami if mangroves hadn't been removed on the coasts of India, Sri Lanka and Sumatra.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) reports that up to a third of the world's mangroves have disappeared. In the Republic of Congo Reuters Television meets a man who has taken up the challenge of saving his country's mangroves.

Asha, what *were* you thinking?

Asha Bhosle and Brett Lee doing a duet. Imagine Barbra Streisand sharing the stage with, say, David Beckham and you get the picture.

Asha's coming to Australia in March, performing with the Kronos Quartet in Sydney, Melbourne and at Womadelaide. Any chance she'll do a gig in a local pub with Six and Out???


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