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"Is It Cowardly To Pray For Rain?"

Submitted by rickeyre on November 13, 2005 - 7:15am

As the Trescothick Era of English Cricket dawns in Multan today, it's worth noting that the Guardian have published a book of their infamous OBO (over-by-over) logs of the 2005 Ashes. The whole lot by the looks of it.

Complete with a preamble and a, er, postamble by Rob Smyth, I think this would be great reading for someone familiar with the events of this year's Ashes but who didn't, or couldn't, follow the Guardian shenanigans on the net.

What's more, I make a cameo appearance on page 320!

"Is It Cowardly To Pray For Rain? The online Ashes chronicle of a nation's office-bound nervousness" by Mike Adamson, James Dart, Sean Ingle and Rob Smyth (Guardian Books, Abacus, 2005) ISBN 034911983X Paperback. Recommended retail price £7.99.

(NB: if you buy a copy of the book from by following the link alongside this article, I receive a commission)