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Home of Archery Day Two: Howzat? Out. You have a problem, Ricky?

Submitted by rickeyre on July 18, 2009 - 7:02pm

Captain's knocks, you've gotta love 'em. Andrew Strauss was so deep in concentration, watching intently as the swinging ball from Mitchell Johnson took his off stump, no addition to his overnight 161.

Ricky Ponting, so determined to drive Jimmy Anderson to the fence, oops, off the pad, did Strauss catch it? Third ump says yes. But wait! It didn't touch the bat! It hit Ricky on the toe. No catch! Oh wee poo bum says Ricky. No catch! But wait! On the toe! Plumb in front! On yer bike Ricky. It's LBW even if the scoreboard doesn't say so.

Never mind Captain Grumpiest, what's the excuse for the rest of the Australian batsmen? Famed cricket groupie Queen Elizabeth Windsor made her annual visit to the Home of Archery yesterday. She has never been part of an England victory against Australia at the HoA. There was just one such victory in the 20th century, in 1934, the last before that coming in 1896. Will England fulfil their quota for the 21st century over the next three days?

Strauss doesn't instil a huge amount of confidence in me as a captain, as was demonstrated in Wales last week. I do hope, however, that he does not enforce the follow-on when Australia's inevitable dismissal for less than 226 takes place. Rub it in, give them a 500 target, let them cack it for 150 or so. Would the Met Office be so kind as to oblige with the requisite sunshine?

Midwinter-Midwinter pts for Day Two: Jimmy Anderson 3, Stuart Broad 2, Mike Hussey 1.

(I'm having problems getting a decent connection tonight. I'll add today's Paper Rout when I get the chance.)