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Edgbaston preview

Submitted by rickeyre on July 30, 2009 - 10:23pm

#ashes Why do I feel as if Hughes' dismissal - the nature of his dismissal - is an ominous event in this series?
11:17 PM Jul 9th from web

- R.Eyre, twitter

I have been baffled, for years, at the repeated selection for Australian Test teams of Shane Watson. To consider him an opening batsman is ridiculous, especially in a squad not hit by injuries. For him to replace one of the most talented young openers Australia has seen in years... I'm baffled.

Phil Hughes' problem in the Cardiff and Lord's Tests is that he hasn't fulfilled the extraordinary hype from the South African tour and from his New South Wales days (or indeed from his Middlesex days). Weaknesses in his technique have been found and exploited. But is he batting like someone whose confidence has been shot? No. Is he a reason why Australia lost the Second Test? I don't believe so. Is he the worst batsman in Australia's top six? No. Should he be playing at Edgbaston? Yes.

Meanwhile - and as I write there is a rain delay at Edgbaston pre-lunch Thursday and the final elevens have not been formally announced - Mitchell "Radar" Johnson retains his place in the Australian XI and Stuart Clark retains his place in the dressing room.

Let it rain, I say.