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IPL threes: Presenting the NSR Half Measures

Submitted by rickeyre on March 13, 2010 - 8:32pm

With all the unsubtlety of the smashing of sixes and fours in the third Indian Premier League, I am curious to see how many batsmen plays shots that are worth three runs in this year's series. The all-run three must surely be the antithesis of the Crash! Bang! Wallop! philosophy, and in my opinion far more entertaining.

I started keeping track in last year's IPL, but - as you will probably understand - got bored. Let's see if I can make the distance this time.

So, instead of the DLF Maximums (Maxima?), I give you the NSR Half Measures. (NSR standing for No Sponsor Required).

In Game One (KKR v DC), no threes were scored.

Follow the progress of this tally throughout the tournament (or until I get sick of it) in the comments below.

(Update April 26: Follow the comments thread through for proclamation of the winner.)