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Best Paralympics ever? Calling America...

It's seems like a statement of the bleeding obvious to say that London 2012 has provided the best Paralympic Games ever. Regardless of the standard of play, they have captured the imagination like never before, in no small part because they, like the Olympic Games themselves, were conducted by LOCOG. No longer are the Paralympics a forgotten afterthought to the main event.

Massive live TV coverage in the UK through Channel 4, in Australia through the ABC, and elsewhere, but what of the US? Ten hours on NBC. Ten hours over nine days. Edited highlights.

Online it's nearly impossible to find Paralympics news on the NBC Sports website (and not at all on It took a site search to find any Paralympics reports, and the irony of this Reuters report was not lost on me.

"Paralympics come of commercial age". Not at NBC they haven't.

The "world wide leader in sports", as ESPN describes themselves, also requires a site search if you are seeking Paralympics news. Likewise Sports Illustrated. And let's not dwell at all on Sporting News, nor its AOL stablemate Huffington Post.

At least, which is my favourite US sports website these days, has some good stories once you go searching.

At close of day Friday with a day and a half to go, the USA is sixth position on the medal count with less than have the medals that China has. Probably too embarrassing for NBC to report anyway.