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The YILLMOOs, or #oscars2016 to you

Decades of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences being out of step with contemporary values are finally catching up with it.

For the second year running all of the twenty nominees in the acting categories have been from Euro-white background, and while the Academy has made some great choices in recent years, "12 Years A Slave" in 2013 for example, a lot of talented choices have been overlooked for the 2015 awards. Coincidence? The consensus is that it is not.

It's not just race, diversity, conservatism and Americocentricity that have been the Oscars' problems over the years. However it is still the definitive film award ceremony until and if something more deserving both comes along and captures its foothold.

And that is why I am actually excited about the prospect of watching the full Oscars telecast live today. Finally the disappointment of not being able to get out of school to watch the live show on channel 7 in the mid-70s can be cast aside.

But now, as ever, I'm not letting the fact that I have barely seen any of the nominated films get in the way. To date I have seen just one of the Best Picture nominees, "Mad Max: Fury Road", which I found spectacular but just a little to over-the-top for its own good. "Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens" I have seen. Unusually, I have not seen any films in categories of documentary, foreign language film or animated feature. I'll catch up.

Therefore, no predictions for me except that Leo seems to be a shoe-in, and nothing would make me happier than to see Shaun the Sheep win a statue (which he most likely won't).

I am live-tweetng the awards on @rickeyre with hashtag #YILLMOO. If it's worth it, a storification will be here tonight.

Why am I calling it YILLMOO? It started as my reaction to the Academy's trademarking of the term "Oscars". I used WILLMUO as the acronym for Margaret Herrick's reported description of the statuette by saying "Why, it looks like my Uncle Oscar". I have chosen to morph it into "Y, it looks like Mon Oncle Oscar" as a gratuitous salute to Jacques Tati. Even if it doesn't.