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Tis raining

12.30am in Sydney, ten hours before the scheduled start of the Warne-McGrath-Langer-Buchanan grand finale. It has been raining fairly steadily for the last three or four hours here, about six kilometres west of the SCG.

Having said that, the forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology indicates that the showers will be restricted to morning and night.

Take the stairs next time, lads

Nine Blacktown first grade cricketers decided to pile into a lift built to carry five people when they left the field for the tea break in Saturday's game against University of NSW. An hour and a quarter later they finally got out after technicians had worked furiously to free them.

The Inner West Courier takes up the story.

Video flashback: Stop the Bombing Rally, 12.8.06

I'm putting some of my video archives from the last couple of years onto Youtube. (Note, however, that I have decided not to place any videos of Adara on unrestricted access.)

First up, the one video that I have previously placed onto Youtube - that of the "Stop The Bombing" rally in Sydney on August 12 during the Israeli attack on southern Lebanon.

Orthodox block bar mitzvah over ‘non-kosher’ circumcision

It's not just Sydney's Islamic and Anglican clerics who have been shooting themselves in the foot lately, as rabbis from the Sydney Beth Din demonstrate that orthodox Judaism can do daft things as well.

The Australian Jewish News takes up the story. (And I'll have a lot more to say about the Anglican Synod at another time.)

Termagant Watch with Piers

"Perhaps in the eyes of those who cling to the myth that everything Aboriginal is beyond criticism, naming a 22ha prime port precinct after such a pitiless termagant is a form of retribution for real or imagined wrongs committed by white colonists, but a better role model could have been chosen."
- Piers Akerman, "Hullabaloo about Barangaroo", Sunday Telegraph, 22.10.06


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