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Associated Press don't want you to see their content for free. Meanwhile...

As Associated Press's right hand prepares to implement something that looks suspiciously like spyware to protect their intellectual property, here's a freely-embeddable video made available by AP's left hand via their Youtube channel:

Is this the first charity appeal ever censored for endangering editorial balance?

Outrage, rightly, for the decision of the BBC and Sky News to not screen the following public service announcement from the Disasters Emergency Committee promoting its Gaza Crisis Appeal. Is it editorially biased to promote a charitable appeal for the victims of war?

The future of newspapers arrives in Brisbane

Yesterday, Fairfax launched, the website of their new newspaper, the Brisbane Times. The thing is, however, that there is no print newspaper called the Brisbane Times. The website is the newspaper.

Anything that chips away at the Murdoch monopoly in Brisbane is welcome. The question is: will the arrival of the Brisbane

Is that the cricket, or is your News Limited?

Amusing little stoush hotting up between Cricket Australia and the Murdoch Media Monolith over intellectual property rights to Test highlights.

The Murdochariat are showing three minutes of video highlights each day on the Fox Sports website, despite Cricket Australia issuing a fatwa saying they are only allowed thirty seconds. Murdochistas at News Ltd assert that they are making "fair use" of the footage for reportage of a news event.


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