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London Day Twelve: It's revaulting

As expected, Wangi's Nath and Goobs took out Australia's fifth gold medal on the water at Weymouth on Wednesday in the men's 49er class. That gives the Australian sailing team their second gold, making it the first time since Barcelona 1992 that swimming has not been our most successful gold medal sport.

London Day Eleven: Clearing that final hurdle

Where Liu Xiang failed, Sally Pearson succeeded. Along with the Missile probably Australia's most pre-hyped competitor at London 2012, Pearson delivered in the final of the women's 100 metre hurdles on a wet Tuesday night.

London Day Ten late edition: Diamond five Games not out

In the Olympic Games there's a temptation to measure greatness by the number of medals won. This carries a bias towards those who enter many events and do well in most or all of them. On the other hand, there are those who enter only one event because that's what they specialise in, or that's all that's available. And among those athletes, those who came back Olympiad after Olympiad and keep on winning their one gold. Think Steve Redgrave or Al Oerter.

London Day Ten gold medal edition: Tom's laser

It's like the good old days of Moscow, Los Angeles and Seoul again, when Australian gold medals were rare events to be savoured, not the passe quota-fillers of Athens and Beijing. On the tenth official day of competition, Tom Slingsby has taken out the men's laser event in the sailing competition to deliver Australia's second gold medal of the London Olympic Games, nine days after winning its first.

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