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nsw election 2011

Youtube do dia: I'm only talking to Gladys

It didn't take long for this moment, late in the evening of the ABC's NSW election telecast last night, to become a Twitter meme. Premier-elect Barry O'Farrell hauled before the cameras at the Liberal Party victory party for a quick interview, only to tell anchorman Kerry O'Brien that he only wanted to talk to telecast panellist, and his future transport minister, Gladys Berejiklian.

As was confirmed later, no snub of Red Kerry was intended in the frenetic atmosphere of the Parramatta Leagues Club.

And so it came to pass

"The truth is, the people of New South Wales who entrusted us with government for 16 years did not leave us, we left them."

- Kristina Keneally, from her election night concession speech, 26.3.11 (video)

It was inevitable that the Labor Party would be hammered in yesterday New South Wales election, and as it turned out the polls were fairly accurate in predicting the magnitude of the annihilation.

How I'm voting

In the interests of transparency, and with no professional reason not to do so, I have been posting my voting intentions in each federal, state and local government election in which I have voted, on this blog since 2004. Here are my intentions for the 2011 NSW state election:

Lower House in the seat of Marrickville:

1 Fiona Byrne (Greens)
2 Carmel Tebbutt (Labor)

Youtube do dia: KK Closer to Fine

Almost by definition, election campaigns have their bizarre moments - although Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell seem to have re-written the manual over the past couple of years.

But I doubt that I'll see anything more bizarre from the current NSW state election than the jam session on Kristina Keneally's campaign bus last Friday.

For those keeping score at home, here's the team

One of the most common jokes circulating during the slow-motion train wreck known as the 2011 NSW election concerns the size of the Labor Party team that will occupy the opposition benches in the Legislative Assembly after March 26.

Or, rather, the nature of the team.

Will they be an AFL team of 18 members? Or will there be barely enough to make up a cricket XI? (And remember, there's 50 of them currently in government.)

A nil-all draw where everyone loses: The NSW election

It feels like it has been such a long time coming, but we're now one week away from the end of a four-year fixed term marking the general election for the New South Wales parliament. The obvious, the necessary, will happen - the Australian Labor Party will be hurled out of office, and for the most part obliterated. This is good. By virtue of this, the Liberal and National Parties will be elevated to government with many fresh faces and a whacking big majority. This is not necessarily so good.

Youtube do dia: Kristina Keneally, She's Good Value

Only fifty-six weeks till the New South Wales state election on March 26, 2011 and the inevitable removal of a rancid Labor government for whom acting in accordance with the wishes of its voters is far less important than scheming its own self-preservation.

The latest (and hopefully last for a while) product of the Sussex Street Sausage Machine to be thrown to the lions as State premier is Kristina Kerscher Keneally. (Please do not dwell on those initials - that's actually her maiden name in the middle.)

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