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jason gillespie

Dizzy joins the Icicles

In the 1980's, VHS beat Betamax. Just a couple of weeks ago, Bluray was victorious over HD-DVD. Who will be the winner between the IPL and the ICL? One thing that has become clear this week is that the Indian Cricket League is not ready to roll over and die... yet.

Not content with picking up the crumbs of recently-retired Test cricketers, the Icicle seems to be either pouncing on players as soon as they retire, or maybe coaxing them into "retirement".

Today, Jason Gillespie, the only Australian batsman to score a Test double-hundred against Bangladesh, announced that he is retiring from first-class cricket in Australia at the conclusion of the current Pura Cup game between South Australia and Queensland.

My head is spinning. You're making me


Jason Gillespie, 102 not out in a Test innings for Australia. Yes, it's against Bangladesh, you've got a problem with that?

He's done what Dennis Lillee, Merv Hughes, Geoff Lawson, Paul Reiffel, Damien Fleming, Brett Lee and other fast bowlers before him have failed to do since Ray Lindwall in 1955... break the 80 barrier and score a Test match ton.

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