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world cup 2007

Finals day

For the first time since 1983, the Cricket World Cup Final is on a Saturday. I think that's fabulous, especially as the game will be played overnight Australian time (11.30pm to about 7am).

Seeing my pre-tournament prediction of South Africa fall in a screaming heap in the semi-final, I would be very doubtful of anything other than a decisive Australian victory tonight. Sri Lanka, while they'll be the popular favourite and will no doubt have all of South Asia behind them, would in reality have to pull off an upset to win this time around.

It seems like only yesterday...

This Cricket World Cup has been too short. Blink, and you find it's almost over...

It seems like only yesterday when the World Cup was officially opened by the British West Indies' finest cricketer to date, Lebrun Constantine, in a ceremony transmitted live via morse code to a worldwide audience of hundreds.

Bob Woolmer 1948-2007

I can't think of a sadder time in the game of cricket than the present. The news today that Bob Woolmer's death is believed by the Jamaican Police to be murder by strangulation, leaves me utterly speechless. What we need to know now is who did it, and why. Is this the first murder of a leading cricket identity that is related to the pernicious illegal betting industry?

Umm, they weren't already doing this?

It's Day Two of the World Cup, and the ICC has just agreed to allow spectators to take bottled water into the grounds so that they don't dehydrate.

Which begs a disturbing question... why has it taken them until now to consider a fundamental health issue at one of the world's major sporting events?

This just in from the World Cup organising body:


It's just as well no airline sponsors the World Cup

Cricket Australia has responded within hours after losing their appeal to the ICC disputes committee (see my earlier posting today).

Emirates, the UAE-based airline best known in Australia for sponsoring Collingwood Football Club, will be the official team sponsor for the Australian team for the world cup in the Caribbean in March and April. Emirates, of course, is also the naming rights sponsor of the ICC Elite Umpire Panel and is the "official airline" of the Dubai-based ICC.


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