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Youtube do dia: More from Jimi

As we pay tribute this weekend on the 40th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix, I've embedded a video of probably his most famous live performance, from Woodstock, NY in 1969, his rendition of John Stafford Smith's 1778 composition "To Anacreon In Heaven".

You may know it better as that song about Bombs Bursting In Air. I blogged more about its history on the occasion of May Day 2006, but for now, take it away Jimi:

The Grammys

The awards started earlier than I expected today, but it's good to see in the early results that the academy is recognising up and oming youngsters like Peter Frampton (best pop instrumental album) and George Benson (best pop instrumental performance). Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder (nomination for best pop collaboration with vocals) will surely be a shoe-in.

More comments through the afternoon

Asha, what *were* you thinking?

Asha Bhosle and Brett Lee doing a duet. Imagine Barbra Streisand sharing the stage with, say, David Beckham and you get the picture.

Asha's coming to Australia in March, performing with the Kronos Quartet in Sydney, Melbourne and at Womadelaide. Any chance she'll do a gig in a local pub with Six and Out???

A David Bowie At 60 Playlist

Elvis is 72 today. If you happen to spot him at Macca's or KFC today give him my regards. His contribution to world culture is embodied by his presence on the soundtrack of Disney's Lilo and Stich movies.

More pertinent, however, is the fact that January 8 is also the birthday of David Jones - not the Monkee or the department store chain, but the artist who would become known as David Bowie. Today he turns 60. Scary eh?

To mark the birthday of an extraordinary craftsman, here's a playlist of my favourite Bowie numbers. In no particular order, though I've tried to give some form of thematic flow. My favourite of all is the last, even if I was suckered in at the time by the (for 1980) brilliant video clip.


The Official Song of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 has been unveiled. Listen to the attached file (in Windows Media format, and yes it is attached now) and do your best karaoke to the lyrics:

Play, in this beautiful game
Where the rules and aim
Remain the same
It's the game of love unity

Play, in this beautiful game
Where the rules and aim
Will never change
It's the game of love unity

We run the place
We set the pace
We lead the chase
Everybody participate and…

Oh say can you see my eyes? Then my hair's too short

The tune commonly known as "The Star Spangled Banner" has been around since the 1760s with quite a few sets of lyrics. The most recent, timed for release on May Day 2006, is "Nuestro Himno" - an anthem for the USA's second largest ethnic group. It hasn't pleased El Presidente Jorge W Bush, but you can't make everyone happy, especially an Anglophile neo-con.

Take it away guys:

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