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major economic spasm

Pricks in the Bubble

I've been trying to think of a movie that best illustrates the current Major Economic Spasm (MES) gripping the more affluent parts of the world, but the problem I have had over the past few weeks is that the plot keeps evolving. But finally I have decided.

Firstly, I was going for the obvious and superficial, and chose "Wall Street". But it soon became clear that a better pick would be "Enron - The Smartest Guys In The Room".

Iceland, and other melting assets

How could it be that Iceland, the home of Bjork (and indeed the entire Sugarcubes), Lazy Town, and the Olympic silver medal-winning men's handball team, could suddenly become the Nauru of the North Atlantic?

Now that Flash Gordon has invoked anti-terrorism laws against the subversive Icelanders, could we be heading towards Cod War II?

Or could Iceland become another geopolitical service of Gazprom?

Crisis? What Crisis? I

And you're worried about The Prospect Of A Recession?

Reuters reports today that Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate reached 231,000,000 percent in July.

Maybe if the central banks of the world print enough money to bail out the cowboys and their creditors, then we can all have an inflation rate that large...

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