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A nation lines up to hector Crawford

"Australia does not have a national sports policy or vision. We have no agreed definition of success and what it is we want to achieve. We lack a national policy framework within which objectives for government funding can be set and evaluated."

- from "The Future of Sport In Australia" (AKA the Crawford Report), Chapter 1.1

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Great moments in sporting statistics

"Of all the world-class swimmers who have competed for Stanford, Michael McLean ranked among the best. In four events, the 2006 graduate's times were among the 15 fastest ever recorded at the school. But you'd never know it by looking at the Stanford media guide. Coach Skip Kenney expunged McLean from the team's record book after he and the swimmer had a falling-out."

The San Francisco Chronicle takes up the story.

Jesus loves Osama, but can he love the NFL?

Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis have cancelled their plans to host a Super Bowl party on Sunday, to watch their Colts lose to the Bears, after the National Football League sent them a "cease and desist" letter.

You see, Fall Creek church, and thousands of other churches in the US, are infringing NFL trademarks and offering unauthorised public screenings of Super Bowl XLI without the poor impoverished League receiving a single cent in return.

Houston are the champions

The Houston Enforcers are the inaugural champions of the WCL.

The World Combat League, that is. Chuck Norris's baby no less.

Houston defeated the Miami Force 139-131 in the 2006-07 championship game at the Erwin Center, Austin on Saturday. It sounds like an NBA score but it's actually derived from a collection of bouts involving boxing, kick-boxing, taekwondo, kung fu, and a few other flavours of Asian combat sports.

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