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Pirates of the Thames

Two items from the sportsbiz world caught my eye this week, both coming from the UK.

From London's Olympic Delivery Authority comes the news that boats transporting passengers in the vicinity of London's Olympic Park will be exempt from advertising restrictions during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is despite that the fact that these waterways encroach on the "exclusion zone" for non-sponsor advertising as defined by the ODA.

AB, you un-Australian ambush marketer, you

"We think ambush marketing is fairly un-Australian,"

- Geoff Donohue, corporate affairs spokesperson for Fosters Brewing, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald of 11.10.06

Allan Border's second stint as a national selector of the Australian team ended on Monday after just four months.

" various commitments are far heavier than I had expected back in mid-year and I don’t think it is appropriate to do what is a really important job if I am not able to give it the full attention it deserves."

Welcome cricket 2007

It seems that use of the phrase "Welcome cricket 2007" in public is a breach of the ICC's copyright. Well might you say, Whaaa?

Wednesday's Jamaica Gleaner reports that the local organising committee (or LOC to use its official acronym) for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 has instructed its lawyers to serve notice on the owners of a downtown Kingston property which has the words "Welcome cricket 2007" painted across the front.

The Gleaner quotes Robert Bryan, executive director of the Jamaican LOC as saying "the words Cricket World Cup 2007 used in tandem with World Cup, indicate an association with Cricket World Cup 2007."

The report does not say if Bryan was asked about the legal position when the words "World" and "Cup" are not actually used.

One has to wonder whose market was being ambushed in this case. Or is it now going to be impossible for anyone living in a World Cup host locality to display their excitement about the coming event without being sent a bill for the privilege?

The solution, of course, is to change the wording of the sign to: "Piss off cricket, welcome basketball 2007."

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